General Terms of Use

I want to broadcast the comics The Fallen Sentries.

The copyright of the comic The Fallen Sentries, including characters, images, texts and environments belong to Velkia.

Make sure you meet the following conditions:

  1. Only the content of the comics freely available on the internet is allowed to be reused.
  2. Be sure to respect an offset of 2 pages compared to the site
  3. If you need content that is not freely available, you can create it yourself.
  4. Posting content that defames the work or the owner of the copyright is prohibited.
  5. Please credit me.
  6. Wherever possible, please include my contact information.
  7. Be sure to spell correctly and use the correct syntax when mentioning characters and comics.
  8. Please do not print content.
  9. To publish in a magazine or other commercial product, please obtain my permission.
  10. If you do not meet the above conditions but have received my authorization, please specify.

If a case does not fulfill the conditions above, I have the right to stop its broadcast.

I want to make a fanart of the Fallen Sentries or a derivative work.

  1. For the commercial production of derivative works, or mass circulation of derivative works, please obtain my prior authorization.
  2. You do not need to get my permission to broadcast non-commercial fanart. However, please credit me.
  3. Copyrights on derivative products belong to the authors of the said derivatives. I take no responsibility for their content. However, please respect the French laws and the laws of the broadcast country when creating content that includes the Fallen Sentinels.

I want to use images on my website (for a presentation, a video … etc).

You do not need to tell me in advance, as long as you meet the criteria below.

  1. Do not post an end of volume.
  2. Resizing is allowed, but keep the images homothetic.
  3. Do not change the content of the image. This includes changing the text of the bubbles, coloring or retouching color other than the original contents. However, if it is a parodic use, you can do it (the joke status must be clear).
  4. Trimming images or overlaying text is not a problem.

If you have any doubts, send me a message (by Twitter or Facebook preferably), I will answer you.